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ACTIVATE OYIM - One Year In Mission For Church Planting and Community Outreach in Distant Lands. Support the OYIM VOLUNTEERS TRAINING CONFERENCE AND CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP of VMTS LUZON - Volunteer Missionaries Training School of Master Guides Online - The Master Guide Club and Missionary Society of Global Frontiers Institute. 

A Community Outreach of ATOMS FAMILY - The Associated, Trained, and Organized Missionary Society for the formal activation of the virtual learning communities of SLA ONLINE - The Streams of Light Academy of Global Frontiers Institute, POAGFI ONLINE - The Philippine Outdoor Academy of Global Frontiers Institute, and ECS300 OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM - The organization of accredited schools, colleges, and universities network of Global Frontiers Institute: For the advancement of GEM7K - The Global Education Movement of Project TAPACAN - The Threefold Action Program Against Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Narcotics a.k.a. (also known as) The Thirteen Assessment Pointers and Certification Activities Needed for Excellence in Education and Community Development in the context of APIHEP ONLINE - The Asia Pacific International Health Education Program of Global Frontiers Institute for total community involvement in the promotion of CHAW TAYO - The Complete Health and Wellness Program for Lifestyle Enrichment and Human Resource Development and For the prevention and control of cigarette-smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic abuse, and the negative socio-economic and psychological impact of THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC toward a cultural adoption of a new normal education system with Integration of Faith and Learning in line with the curriculum goals and objectives of J2E - The Journey to Excellence Curriculum developed by The Education Department of The Seventh-day Adventist Church for the implementation of MASTER GUIDES ONLINE - The Master Guide Club of Global Frontiers Institute.