On the basis of the guiding philosophy, mission and vision, NORTHEAST LUZON ADVENTIST COLLEGE, INC. commits herself to:

The Students

NELAC’s main responsibility is the education of students, who come from different family and religious backgrounds, helping them to acquire the foundation of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes suitable for their chosen career. NELAC encourages intellectual curiosity and facilitates the students’ development into active, independent and interdependent learners. The College promotes a personal Christian faith that permeates the lives of the students.

The Faculty, Staff and Administration

NELAC respects and supports faculty, staff and administration who, through education, research and experience, create a stimulating learning condition for the students. They contribute to the development of new concepts in their chosen fields, and demonstrate both Christian values and competence in their professions.

The Surrounding Communities

NELAC provides humanitarian service through people, programs, and facilities. She promotes healthful lifestyle and responds to the basic needs of people. NELAC seeks to enhance the quality of life for individuals in local, regional, national, and international communities.

Our God and Our Church

NELAC supports the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by being involved in the great commission, and by responding to the need for skilled and knowledgeable Christian professionals. The College seeks to honor God and to uphold the teachings and values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.